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Tracey says, “I absolutely love what I do. I love shutting myself in my home studio and immersing myself in my work. My process is layered so I never really know how it will end up until the final stages. This is truly organic and I feel my way around the piece. By the end it is like we are old friends. I am so lucky to create pieces that other people fall in love with, knowing that they will bring joy for years to come. It is a privilege not afforded to everyone and what drives me to create the best art I can. My collectors are always so lovely, I guess we are all drawn to the beauty of nature with happiness in our hearts.”

Tracey is known for her colourful abstract pieces drawing on the natural beauty and form of nature. The popularity of her Butterfly Series continues as Tracey has continued to develop this body of work to include a variety of compositions, sizes and palettes. In commissioned pieces, Tracey plays with the number of flowers to represent important dates or numbers and includes favourite flowers and a variety to depict family members in floral form. The number, colour and distribution of butterflies in these commissioned works can also make these pieces highly personalised as Tracey places them to show the dynamic of the relationship between family members. Please Contact Us if you would like more information about commissioning a piece from any of Traceys' series of work or view a selction of Tracey's Commissions.

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