SOLO SHOW at No Naked Walls Gallery

Tracey says, "I am thrilled to be bringing you a gorgeous new collection of pieces celebrating the fullness, beauty and sheer joy that flowers mean to me. I have always marvelled at the big blooms and the effect they have on my mood and they take centre stage in this collection. Nature has such a multifaceted personality and flowers are part of her disarming charm and I am forever grateful for the wild flowers that find their own homes to the cultivated blooms in my own garden or within vases in my home. My own interpreation of flowers, is to capture the raw essence of them and put them together to convey an emotional response. My Butterfly Series continues with these new pieces: with each one, I have an event or moment in mind which directs the composition and colour paette, whilst leaving it open to your interpretation. Full of colour, life, texture and movement and above all joy. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to life."

Tracey's SOLO SHOW, "It's A Wonderful Life" at No Naked Walls Gallery in Bramley, Surrey, runs from 18th June until 2nd July. 

All these pieces are available to purchase directly from Tracey via her website.

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