My Happy Place

My Happy Place

2023 rather came and went in a bit of a blur. 

I have always filled my time and generally like to be busy. But 2023 pulled me in a number of directions. Frustratingly, it was also a particularly disruptive year, courtesy of a number of structural problems with my studio. Perhaps it was best that a number of events combined in one year and forced a slow down of sorts when it came to my creative outlet. 

2024 has started with renewed focus on how to embrace my creative life to drive the most enjoyment and fulfilment. I am focussing on fewer, larger pieces and relenishing stock with galleries that I have forged long-term relationships with. This allows me to pursue my other obligations and interests and optimise the joy of creating, in all its forms. Afterall, that was the reason I persued a career in this crazy art world in the first place. 


I now have a newly refurbished studio: one that is warm in winter and cool in summer ... and no longer has damp. I have divided the space, so I have my messy space for painting and my calm and organised, uncluttered space, for my product deisgn  work and inevitable admin. I embrace my studio/study time. My happy place. It's how I reconnect with my true self. 

Sometimes I blast music from my Alexa and sing into my paintbrush (only a mild exaggeration). Often, I work in silence, content with the stillness it brings - an antidote to the relentless hum of life outside of this idyllic space.

I am so very lucky.

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