Tracey says, "I work on a lot of commissions, usually for a special gift or to complete a newly refurbished home. Commissions are often based around work that can be seen here on my website. Collectors will choose a painting based on a composition and then adjust it to reflect specific flowers or colours to go with their interior. I can also add other personalisation, including numbers of flowers or butterflies to reflect specific dates or numbers that are meaningful. When I hand over the artwork, I do so with a Certificate of Authenticity and a letter detailing the work and personalisation. I really want my collectors to enjoy the whole process and look to meet their needs throughout, so much so that I am often asked to paint again, which is just lovely."


In addition to Tracey's original series of work, Tracey specialises in highly personalised mixed-media commission pieces.

Please contact Tracey at or by using the "Contact Us" link or to enquire about commissions or discuss alternative ideas.


The Commission Process Step-By-Step

  1. Browse through all the Shop Collection pages to get a good feel of what you like best.
  2. Make a list of the pieces you like and why (colours, composition, type of flowers, 3D or 2D butterflies or none at all, framed or on deep set canvas, overall size of piece, and any personalisation you are keen to incorporate.
  3. Let's have a chat! Contact Tracey to register your interest and Tracey will get back to you within a few days.
  4. Once the specifications have been agreed, you may have interior design swatches, wallpaper samples or photos you want to send.
  5. This is the point at which a 50% deposit is due and Tracey will order materials and begin the piece.
  6. From order to delivery can take up to 6 weeks but Tracey will be able to give you a more accurate time estimate when you contact her.
  7. Once the piece is finalised you will be sent images. Tracey wants you to be happy with your piece so will make minor adjustments if required at the end.
  8. Progress photos are not given, as the work is layered and only really comes together in the final stages. Nevertheless, you can always contact Tracey throughout the process.  
  9. Once full and final payment has been received, Tracey will arrange delivery via an art courier service. All pieces are fully insured during shipping.

In short, commissions should be fun for everyone involved and Tracey is driven by providing uplifting, joyful pieces for all her collectors. Please take a moment to review the Testimonials page to see how delighted others have been.