About Tracey


Tracey says, "I absolutely love being in nature and taking in the impossible beauty of flowers in particular. The more I study them, the more I see their worth, whether coming into bud, in full bloom, or as residual seed heads, which provide structure and interest throughout the seasons. My Butterfly Series was created as a pictorial diary of everyday life and emotions to which many will relate – harnessing structure and chaos in harmony with order and unpredictability, just as life is. Using the backdrop of nature, specifically meadows and wildflowers, I decide the bare composition and mood of the piece, driven by a simple thought, such as a family picnic or the welcome stillness once the kids are in bed.

The organic and liberated process of creation allows for the piece to develop its own personality and as such this free flowing and responsive process is also emotive. The resulting piece is meant to bring joy but allow for the viewer their own interpretation. Commissions based on my Butterfly Series further allow for personalisation such as favourite flowers, the numbers of which can be altered to reflect key dates or individuals.  Nevertheless, I always have the overall balance of the artwork in mind and want to create something that will bring happiness and reflection for years to come. It is perhaps why so many of my commissions are for celebrations and I am always delighted to play a small part in somebody’s happy time.  

I hope you enjoy my online gallery and #findyourjoy at traceythorntonart.com."

Family Life

Following the success so far of Tracey's acclaimed Butterfly Series, she continues to develop her Buttterfly Series, whilst raising her two boys (and Leo the cat!) with her husband, in Surrey. It is her everyday experiences as a mum of two young boys that enhances her love of nature and family walks in Surrey and Sussex never fail to uplift and rejuvenate the whole family. 


FAQ's: Top 3

  1. What's you favourite flower to paint? "At the moment, I'd have to say alliums, agapanthus and hydrangeas - the big ones! Although that is probably down to a recent commission which I absolutely loved. improbable flowers like peonies are also up there." 
  2. What size do you like best? "I love to paint larger pieces because you can really develop a big piece over many layers. Having said that, in terms of the end result, I think it is all about the space it is going into.  Sometimes it is the smallest piece, well framed, that is perfect. Smaller pieces challenge me to make every bit of paint count. I really love being able to bring small originals to my collection and in print form to make my art more accessible, so that is also a great motivator for painting small."
  3. Will you keep painting your Butterfly Series? "At the moment, absolutely! I am always being asked for commissions based on this work as it resonates so well across all boundaries. I believe in focusing on what connects us and what better representation than nature itself? Meadows and wildflowers are so uplifting and changeable. I could use the same palette over and over again with the same bare bones composition, but the results would be ever-changing because of my techniques. Just as it is with nature. I love that link. Also, my boys provide a never ending stream of emotions and moments that I just want to keep capturing." 



Working predominantly in acrylic, collage and mixed-media in a vibrant, contemporary style to produce uplifting paintings that bring sheer joy, Tracey also donates a percentage of the value of each piece of original artwork sold to a variety of charities, calling it, "feel good art in every way".


Behind the scenes