Butterfly Series

Tracey says, "I really hope you enjoy browsing my collection of works from my Butterfly Series. I love how the full beauty of each piece stands out, once they are in the right setting. All my paintings are created with interior design in mind, so even the slightest fleck of colour can co-ordinate with an accent colour whilst enabling the piece to retain its own individuality. Do I have a favourite colour? I love them them all! Blues, pinks, purples and pale yellow is my go to palette, but I have been asked to produce work incorporating all the colours of the rainbow and love to discover which colours sit well together. Sometimes it is the unexpected that shows the painting in the best light. Nature is beauty in the raw and that is my constant guide in letting the painting unfold organically."

In Tracey's acclaimed Butterfly Series, she captures moments, events or emotions from everyday family life. The uniformity of the butterflies throughout the pieces is a nod to the shared experiences from one family to another, regardless of background. Butterflies are also a nostalgic and symbolic representation of children: vulnerable, strong, beautiful, innocent, energetic, youthful and more besides.

Although Tracey plans the colours of her palette and the basic composition of the piece, with each layer of paint and texture and the varying methods of applying the paint, the artwork becomes increasingly fluid and unpredictable. This shift from planned to unpredictable is entirely consistent with everyday life - particularly when raising a family. The result is a liberated sense of pure joy, bursting with life, love and hope.

Tracey plans to continue to develop this lovely series as her children grow, in what is an exquisite pictorial diary.

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You can also view every painting within different room settings to get a better feel for each piece.